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Jrs. K-9 & Kids Club

Ages 6-10

Welcome Video

Parents Please Watch

Lets Start Learning 

How to hold a 

small puppy/dog

kid holding a dog2_edited.jpg
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How to take care of a dog?

What do you do if an aggressive dog comes after you in a park?

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Screenshot (618).png

What do you do if an aggressive dog knocks you down?

How to release a dogs energy

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Screenshot (503).png

How to give a dog a treat

Yellow Ribbon on a Leash/Collar

Screenshot (508).png

30 Different Dog Breeds

Research Projects

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Screenshot (513).png

Story writing

Screenshot (598).png

Fun dog facts

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Virtual Field Trips

Screenshot (497).png

Reading Dog Body Language

Screenshot (511).png

Dog Sports

Screenshot (640).png

What may cause a dog to bite

Screenshot (496).png

Breed of

the month

Screenshot (494)_edited.jpg

AKC Dog breed groups (7) of them

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Mrs. Roxanne Bite Incident Video

Screenshot (626).png

Dock Jumping

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Answer Key

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