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Teaching kids proper safety skills when around dogs
Eliminating dog bite situations
Courses are ONLINE & self paced

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Programs are very educational & fun for children. They will learn through age appropriate materials.  We teach dog awareness skills.
Children can learn online anytime, any place they would like to learn.

Most Important

Children will learn dog awareness along with dog safety skills to use in the world for the rest of their life.  


Included in The Littles 102 program (ages 3-5) children will also have fun watching virtual field trips,  playing games,  coloring dog pictures,  puzzles,  mazes, learning how to draw dogs,  word search,  etc.

The Littles 101 program teaches dog safety skills ONLY (no fun activities)

We offer several dog safety programs for different ages.  We even offer a program for adults, mommy to be, parents of toddlers etc.

                             Here are a few dog safety skills children will learn                            (with age appropriate material).
how to properly hold a dog,  how & where to pet a dog,  reading a dogs body language,  how to protect vital organs,  strange dog approaches you,  proper interactions with dogs,  what a dog needs,  properly giving a dog treat...etc.

All programs are best if viewed on a laptop or an ipad

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Learn about different programs below

Programs are Self-Paced & Online

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Itty Bitty Program

For Parents/Adults of Infants & Toddlers

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Littles 101- Safety ONLY
   ages 3-5 years old

     Gift Card Available               (under the "more" tab)

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Littles 102 - Safety & More
       ages 3-5 years old
Includes: Fun Activities

Coming Soon!

Jrs. K-9 & Kids Club

Ages 6-10

Under Construction

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Little insight into what's coming in our

Jrs. K-9 & Kids Club.

Kids will learn the proper skills to be safe around any dog.

I just listed a few in this video, there's sooo much more in this club.

Jrs. club coming to you in a few for updates on the website.

Introducing Doggie Do Rights Pack


Director:    Stella
Yorkshire Terrier



Lead Drama King: Donny
Miniture Schnauzer
Age: 11 1/2


Colby and Diesel_edited.jpg

Puppy Manager: Colby
Age: 11 1/2


Diesel with scarf.jpg

Human Resource:  Diesel
American Staffordshire Terrier
Age:  7



Customer Support:  Nova
Blue Nose Pitbull Terrier
Age: 2 1/2


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